Recycle your used Candle.

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Did you know that glass is a 100% recyclable material?   It can be recycled easily without loss in quality or purity. Ashley K. Candles are made from 100% recycle glassware. We ask you to keep up the cycle reuse or recycle your glass vessel.


Recycle your Glass Vessel for a Discount on your next candle

Return your empty and clean glass vessels to Swink Style Bar (in Seattle Washington) in person or via postal mail at  611 Stewart st. Seattle Wa 98101 and you will receive 5 dollars for each returned empty candle jar in the form of a gift card to be used on your next candle purchase. When mailing or dropping off used Ashley K. Candles make sure to include name and email address to send gift card to.


What do we do with the returned glass jar?

We clean it and prepare it for use in another Ashley K. Candle. A prime example of Re-Use!  


Why should I do this?

A few simple reasons...

  • It’s good for the environment.
  • It’s the right thing to do
  • And, you get a credit towards your next candle purchase!

How to Clean Your Vessel

Cleaning your soy candle is very easy since natural soy is a soft substance.

  • Don’t put it in the Freezer!
  • Use a blow-dryer to heat up remaining wax in vessel and empty wax into garbage.
  •  wipe out jar with a paper towel.
  • Remove the small metal circle (used for the wick) at the bottom of the jar.
  • if all wax is not removed no worries we will finish the cleaning process for you. 

What if I can't return my glass vessel?

If you can’t return your vessel, here’s some ideas…

  • pens & pencils
  • spare change
  • q-tips
  • toothpaste & toothbrush
  • pet treats (although my dog would want a bigger container)

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